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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Relationships between parents and children Amy Tan:"The Rules of the Game"H.G. Bissinger: "Dreaming of Heroes" Characters Characters "Rules of the Game"-Waverly-Mother -Lao po"Dreaming of Heroes"-Don- Charlie (father)-Mike-Billy Central Idea Central Idea The central idea between the two stories listed above is that both parents want their kids to be successful. Waverlys mom supports her through out the whole chess compettion when she doesn't agree at first becauseits an American game. Charlie from the book of "FridayNight Lights" is an football player in his old times when he was in high school his son wants to be like him and follow his steps. His father is there with him throughout every step after his death. He supports his son choices and helps him be another reflection like himself (Charlie). San Francisco Chinatown -"Rules of the GameOdessa-"Dreaming of Heroes" Introduction Introduction "My mother placed my first trophy next to a new plastic chess set... as she wiped each piece with a soft cloth she said " Next time win more ,loose less."-The Rules of the Game "The roars of the crowd got louder as Don took the ball and headed for the goal line..And no one wanted it more, no one felt it more , Than Charlie Billingsley.. for him it seemed impossible not to look down on the field and see his own reflection."-Friday Night Lights -Charlie wants his son Don to be a football star, just like he was in high school -Waverlys mother wants her to be a chess player and is proud of her success. But she gets annoyed and tells her to learn how to play Conclusion Conclusion In conclusion overall the characters as parents are supporting their kids. Either when they do or donot appreciate it but overall. In the book "Dreaming of Heroes" both parents had a rough past that they have to overcome. Throughout the whole negativity and lost of self es-steamed they are still there supporting their kids. Billy and Mikehave a strong connection where he seems he cant handle without being with. Charlie and Don also have a great coneection where he helps his son follow his deams in being a football player and become a legend of himself. his father after his death Waverly and her mother from the book "Rules of the Game" have a complicated relationship where her mother still stands by her side when she wants to battle her own mother. Waverly and Lao Po have a similar connection where she asks for help in how to play chess but once she thinks she knows all the rules she stops going to him. "Why do you have to use me to show off?If you want to show off, then why don't you learn to play, chess?" "like his father, Don was also the starting tailback for Permian." "Football is what brought them all together." "Mom was encouraging her to playby getting special treatment. Settings Settings Character Describtion Character Describtion Waverly- was a 6 six year old that learned to play chess and use invisible strength.Mother- Waverlys mother taught her how to use her invisible strength butalso they had a stormy relationship; was over protectedLao Po- Waverly learns complex plays from Lau Po, an old man in the parkMike- He had a strong connection betweenhis father Bill he loved football but seemed to have a low esteem Bill- was an inspiration to Mike, Billywould help Mike in playing baseball and always being there for him. But after his death Mike lost confidence.Charlie- was a football legend; he was a trouble maker and also a good fatherto his son Don. Don was always there to support his sons dreams.Don- Don wanted to be a football legend like his father Charlie he was an image of his fair father "Waverly and her mother struggle for control. Waverly thinks of her mother as an adversary." "When he died , i just thoughtthat the best personin the world had just died." Billy and Mike
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