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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Latin America México 1910 Mexican revolutionPRI as a political order 1968, 2 octoberMISI 60´S but 80´S crisisOil dependence2000 PAN won elections2006 violence, Calderon 2014 Peña Nieto CUBA 50´S Castro VS Batista60´s union with USA broken *bay of pigs *MISSILE CRISIS"CHE" Guevara single party-> no space for dissenteconomy dependant in URSSRelations with Venezuela (ALBA)2006 Raul castro new presidentfidel´s opinioins stills important Dominican Republic constant intenference of USA30´s Trujillo "el jefe" get the powerUS Support (To stop communism)nepotism El Salvador coffe Oligarchymilitary government69 soccer warBad economy 79 war startFMLNpeace agreament Nicaragua Somoza family controlled for 42 yearssandinistas vs contras 90 free elections-> Violeta chamorro PANAMA Become a nation in 1903 with USA helpUSA built the panama canaltook the profit1999 panama took control HONDURAS Military rule and civil warsoccar warZelaya out of power by army of costa rica replaced by Micheletti2010 porfirio lobo ARGENTINA oligarchy (trigo and cow)1946 Peron-> Eva peron first lady*Authoritarism *populism 1977 mothers of plaza de mayoislas malvinasdemocracy again-> 19832001 crisis 2011 cristina fernandez2014 economy problems Brazil portuguese colonizationindependece royal family64-85: military dictatorshipexternal debt800% inflation 1989 free electioncollor de mello (corruption)2002 lula da silva 2011 dilma roussef CHILE Salvador allende 70´s (socialist)nationalization, affected USA1973 coup d´Etat->Pinochet (new dictatorship)1989 Referendum2006 bachelet firs female president PERU 70´s military government 80´s civil government guerrilla sendero luminoso90´s alberto fujimori fought against sendero luminosoalejandro toledo first indegenous president2011 Ollanta Humala Bolivia 1985 inestability- bad economy- drug trafic1989 neoliberalismfight narco (USA support)2005 evo morales (indigenous) Venezuela gap between rich and poordependance on oilchavez winsfriends (cuba and iran)2012 chavez wins but dies now nicolas maduro COLOMBIA Democracy coffe, civil war "la violencia" liberals vs conservativescrisis 80: poverty, drug productioncartels FARC, ELN2002 uribe fight against cartels2014 santos won GENERAL INFORMATION -Race: mestizaje-Language: spanish mostly, little portuguese, and indigenous dialects-Religion: catolisisim + indigenous cults= syncretism-History: independence, anarchy, linkage to the wordl market, crisis, MISI, crisis again, neoliberalism
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