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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 privacy on the internet.By:Raquel ramirez privacy on the internet.By:Raquel ramirez The web could show someone's personal information such ascredit card number,adress and location and so much more. supporting detail Thesis statement. Facebook is spying on the users.Their following their every steptheir looking at other websitesthey search up. Fact: A spokesman said it looks into account pages and places visit on Facebook alongside browsing on the web.The site uses cookies which it places on your webbrownser or device docollerct information supporting detail Door locks, fitness bracelets,homesecurity, refrigerators. The list ofthings and devices that can collectinformation about you and sendit to the big cloud we call the internet is essentially endless. Fact: additional risk include collecting personal information,locations,activities and physical conditions. Allowing companies to develop very detailed profiles of consumers life. supporting detail you read so much about people trying to go through your garbage to get personal information so they can steal your identity well its the same on the web people search you up and try do still your identity Fact: people can search up address and phone number and location.Its better do keep information in a safe place citations: 1)"Facebook now tracks its users' every move." Cape Argus [South Africa] 5 Feb. 2015: 10. Global Issues in Context. Web. 6 Feb. 2015.2))Howell, Chanley. "Is Your Refrigerator Spying On You?" Mondaq Business Briefing 2 Feb. 2015. General OneFile. Web. 6 Feb. 2015.URL3)Shred for safety." Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal [Tupelo, MS] 7 Feb. 2009. General
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