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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Prisoner B-3087 This book is about a kid named Yanek, and he's living with his family in a small town called Krakรณw. Yanek and his family are Jewish. Yanek and his family is captured by the Germans and taken to a place called Plaszow that is a Nazi work camp for Jewish people and gypsies. Yaneks family was later killed. Yanek believs most of his family was killed by the Nazis. Yanek moves from camp to camp during the war. He comes close to dying many times. It is a scary and shocking story that tells one boys determination to live.Facts from article:1. The camp of Plazow was originally designed to be a work camp2. Prisoners starved to death, were worked to death, and were shot for no reason3. The conditions of life in this camp were made dreadful by the SS Commander of the camp, Amon Goeth4. A prisoner in Plazow was very lucky to survive more than four weeks5. As the Russian forces advanced further Westward, the Germans began systematic evacuation of the slave labor camps in their pathFacts from the Book:1. Jewish people were originally made to live in ghettos in their hometowns2. Jewish people were later either killed or moved to a death camp3. Life in the camps was brutal. Very little food, prisoners were forced into hard labor, and were shot or hanged for no reason4. Most people who were placed in camps didn't survive long5. The people in Yanek's final camp were freed by troops from the United States Thus book is about abou named Yanek.
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