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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ill parents. It's hard to take care of your self and your parents by your self. It's hard to take care of your self and your parents by your self. In the book the ruby key Genna and her brother have to help save their family and the the town by them selfs. Like in real life kids have struggles with their parents because they are ill. Kids have to then take care of their selfs and others when they are in this situation. For Genna it's very hard because her father is dead, her uncle (not by blood uncle, just a friend) is crazy and can't really take care of her and her family properly and Genna's mother has a very bad sickness that she can die. Genna is also the oldest out of all of her siblings. Genna has to go on a magical journey to help her, her family, and her town. Genna go's into the woods to help her, her family, and the town with only herself and her younger brother. While a mythical creature helps her on this journey. Kids struggle with there emotions when there parents are sick and ill. Some times kids push away from all of their friends because they are emotional about their parents and chores pile up and your life style gets harder. Kids behavior may change while their parents are sick. Also kids can help by staying in the house and taking care of your parents. For example instead of seeing a movie with your friend you can watch your my or do the dishes. Some times this can be stressed and like Genna she still has to take care of her self and her family. The family Mythical creature
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