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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 River Bluff High School River Bluff High School Study of Infectious Diseases Outbreak of infectious disease. 10% of school is absent. Local or state public officials/DEHEC are called for help. Decision is made to possibly shut down or quarantine schools to subdue the panic. Is the Brand New River Bluff High School Really as Safe as it Seems? If this doesn't help or is more serious then the national officials are contacted. Joseph is very sick and has the flu. He rides the bus and sneezes, infecting the whole bus. Then he goes to school and talks to his friends. Once the bell rings he is off to class. All of the people he converses with have the chance of becoming infected. Every desk or table he sits at is now being infected which can be a problem with River Bluff's schedule and ILT spaces The teachers and classmates are being infected. Once they get sick, the cycle will continue. Sickness is inevitable at our school, no matter how much we clean. Cleaning Schedule The desks and tables are cleaned often enough but the hvac is only cleaned once a year! This is a problem because the students and staff are breathing through the air it provides and the system probably gets very dirty. The water systems also should be cleaned more often because that is what the kids drink at school and if there is a infectious disease in there, lots of problems may occur. By Bailee Carter and Isabella Cook Joseph
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