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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Advent of new technologies and the millennial being the major part of the workforce, there is a need for vast change in the way work is done. BYOD (Bring your own device), ROWE (Results-only work environment) and ESN (Enterprise social and collaboration tools) are being fast adopted into the companies DNA and are identified to boost productivity and engagement. Companies today are adopting flexible work environment, social & collaborative tools and to help facilitate the new way of working. Next-Gen Office? Email use is declining among millennial in favour of social networks, text and instant messaging. By 2025 this, Gen Y is going to make up 75% of the global workforce. 1 1 2 2 World is moving towards results-only work environment (ROWE), where employees are evaluated on performance, not presence.This mobile generation needs faster, better communication and information access to take informed decisions. 28 hours Time spent each week by a knowledge worker on searching information, email and collaboration % of average work week Reading and answering emails 28% Searching and gathering information Actual Role-based tasks 39% 61% Potential improvement possible in knowledge worker productivity 19% 14% Communication & Collaboration 20-25% Source:International Data Corporation;McKinsey Global Institute ResearchGallup, Inc. Internal to the organisation 3 3 16 hoursweek an average worker spends in meetings hours/week an average worker spends in meetings 1/4 Potential for saving 4 4 5 5 Businesses have gone global and the employees need to stay connected to people and information to collaborate and respond in real time anywhere and anytime 44% 44% 86% 86% Finding information when searched Knowledge is power. Organisation have plenty of knowledge to be tapped within,but getting that data and making decisions is proving to be a puzzle. The information at hand needs to be useful, relevant and always accessible. 6 6 2:1 2:1 Internet search Actively disengaged employee Vs. engaged employees Employees are the lifeline of any business. Peoplemotivation and participation is a concern for any organization. An engaged and motivated employee would deliver better productivity, higher profitability and happy customers. Spending time in unproductive meetings, getting status updates are things of the past. Managers need real time status, anywhere anytime without the need for meetings. Estimated loss due to employee dis-engagement per year $550 B US $550 B US $112 B UK $112 B UK
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