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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Indri population is about 1,000 - 10,000. And is going by the day. The Amazing Indri DOWN!! Blue- Threatened 91% Purple- Extinct 1% Yellow- Data Deficient 2% Red- Low Risk 3% Green- Near Threatened 35% Threat Levels of Lemurs By: Michael Hamilton Hey people get off your cell phonesand help save the Indri. Donate toRainforest Trust which is trying tomake reservations for the Indri. Description of the Lemur The Indri lives in Madagascar in the tropical rainforests. It lives in groups up in the trees. Baby Indris live with their families until they are 2 to 3 years old. From the tree branches, you can hear their loud unique vocal calls. Families can range between 2 to 6 Indris. The Indri's main predators are: Fossa Snake Hawk The Indri is a beautiful primate with black, white and gray fur. It has prominent eyes and a flat nose. The Indri is60 to 80 centimeters tall and has a tail that is 5 centimeters long. Its scientific name is Indri Indri. The Indri canquickly leap and spring through the trees to travel from one place to another. The male aggressively dominates its territory. The Indri marks its habitat with urine to discourage others from entering. These herbivores feedduring the day and they eat fruits, flowers and leaves. Indris never migrated from the original country, Madagascar. Ways to help the Indri: 1) Selective tree cutting.2) Conserve on use of wood and fuel.3) Rebuild Indri habitats.4) Replant trees,
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