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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Individualism Individualism is the actions or attitudes of a person who does things without being concerned about what other people will think. It was first coined in the nineteenth century by Alexis de Tocqueville.It originated in France and quickly spread throughother European languages. It was spread by the followers of Claude-Henri Saint-Simon. America was built on the ideals of individualism. It shows our independence, or liberty. and rights as people.Individualism shows a persons moral worth.There are many different views on individualism.For example in France it signifys social dissolution and anarchy. The individual interests above those of the collectivecommunity. In Germany it looks at the uniqueness and self-realization.Individualism really looks at your personality and character. Manyjudge others based on those characteristics. A main characteristicthat describes individualism is not following others. An individual that makes there own decisions and does not follow peer pressure.There are many questions about the relation between collectivities and individuals.Collectivities is based on groups instead of individuals. There may be someuncertainty when it comes to individuals when you are with your friendsor in your groups. You may do things that are not what you want to do. Thatis questioning if you really do things for you and only you practicing individualism. Individualism in the book BraveNew World. In the book individualism is not accepted. Everyone is created the samethey have the same mind set and cannot thinkfor themselves. In the book there are no schoolsor libraries because they think it is bad and willmake the individual unhappy. In this book they want to create the perfect world so they make everyonethe same thinking that will help. If an individual thinks toomuch or talks about their person life to another they getpunished. From birth to death everyones life is plannedand that's how it happens in the book. There is no roomfor exceptions. Humanity is lost in this society. In thebook it says that everyone belonges to everyone else that shows that there is no individualism.They are conditionedand they are taught to think a certain way. The children are notgrowing up and thinking how they want to. The only thinkingthat goes on in the book is peer pressured. The director tellseveryone what to think and what to do. There is no passion in this book.The drug they take keeps them from stressing over things that can not be prevented. There minds are never therewhen they are taking the drug they are easily influenced becausethey can not think on their own.The drug takes away their emotions. A characteristic of individualism is emotions that shows your character and personality. Without emotion and characteryou are not your own person.
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