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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 INDEPENDENCE, OIL EXTRACTION COMPANY Use of Resources Technologies: They use drilling rigs to extract the oil from the ground Oil is a non-renewable resource that can run out any minute They have a very big powerhouse that uses a lot of electricity because it regulates the energy of the rest of the machines Effects on environment: 24,791 tons of co2 emmited per month If they start using new environmentally friendly resources, their footprint could be reduced by 40 % 100 PERCENT OF THEIR RESOURCES ARE NON-RENEWABLE! = All of their energy and resources come from non-renewable resources oil is the non-renewable resource they mostly use.Oil will not last very long since there is only little left in the planet. They need to start using other resources. 197,840 trees saved in their protected forests They protect forests in the limit between panama and colombia = By protecting forests and reducing the use of diesel gas,independence has reduced they avoided 190,311 co2 emissions Their carbon footprint was highly reduced 826 familys benefited from their saving forests 15 endangered plant species protected Resoures: = they use drilling rigs to dig for natural gas, water and oil ALL OF THEIR RESOURCES ARE 100% NON-RENEWABLE! NATURAL GAS AND OIL COME FROM FOSSIL FUELS WHICH ARE NON RENEWABLE AND ARE ALMOST TO AN END FRESH,CLEAN, WATER IS A FINITE RESOURCE IN THIS WORLD THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT AND WE NEED TO TAKE CARE OF Distribution: They transport most of their oil by pipes to refinery this is not very polluting apart from the energy it wastes. The rest of the resources are distributed by transportation, mainly air and sea. This does pollute because it releases a lot of co2 and some coal and oil sometimes get dropped into the sea and roads.
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