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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Whitney Hischier To create a program connecting Inncom clients, along with municipalities with the LMX Silicon Valley thought leaders, facilitators, and technology network Whitney works with domestic and international clients on human capital challenges and designing educational programs to help solve them, specifically for the oil and gas industry. She is a lecturerat the UC Berkeley HaasSchool of Business. Tammy's expertise and passion center on how professionals learn, lead, grow and execute. She directs immersive, experiential learning for global clients and explores the value of technology-mediated learning and development for Digital Age professionals Corporate and Municipal Resilience Introduction to Innovation Conference Objective Resilience is defined by the physical, social, and economic challenges that corporations and cities face. Izabel Loinaz - These key areas will be addressed: - Leadership & Strategy: Disruption Anticipation & Modern Risk Management - Health & Wellbeing: Coping with Change - Infrastructure & Environment: Maintaining Reliability - Economy & Society: Response, Recovery, and the Triple Bottom Line Izabel guides businesses and industry leaders in realizing optimal performance and resilience along the Triple Bottom Line. Through dynamic and innovative systems design, Izabel works at the junction between business development, operations, marketing, and sustainability. Izabel Loinaz Resilience Facilitator Tammy Sanders Learning Designer Faculty Director We suggest Professor Henry Chesbrough opens the conference with an 90 minute introduction into Open Innovation. Topics to be covered: - An overview on developing, evaluating and scaling new business models inside your company. - Creating a new landscape of business development, innovation strategy and applying startup models in a corporate context. Sanjay Wagle - Emerging technologies for building corporate resilience. Silicon Valley venture capitalist will discuss how to best assess internal technologies that would lead to commercialization. A framework for assessing and evaluating R&D and patterning with entrepreneurs to drive value. Former Mexican President to speak about globalization studies at Yale University, and the role of Mexico in a global competitive landscape. Guest Speaker - Ernesto Zedillo Building Innovative Organizational Cultures Whitney Hischier - enhancing national economic growth through business education and building networks between public, private and academic sectors in emerging economies. Tammy Sanders - Introduce the importance of developing leadership skills that are aligned with emerging cultures. Agile management concepts. Breakout Sessions & Scenario Planning Participants will breakout into groups for a scenario planning activities. They will be presented with a variety of different scenarios in which corporate executives have to decide what is the best approaches for building culture.Each group will present their approach to the entire and discussion will be lead by all the earlier facilitators. Agile Management Listening to Your Customer Innovative Mexico DigitalTransformation OpportunityAssessment Women inBusiness Sanjay Wagle Venture Capitalist Sanjay has over 12 years of experience in cleantech venture capital, private equity, entrepreneurship, andpublic policy. He worked for the Obama Administration on designing government policy to facilitate sustainability corporate practices. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.-Albert Einstein
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