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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Imperialism in India/Java, S. Africa, and the Pacific India/Java Sepoy Mutiny - 1857British selling firearms to Sepoys with cartridgescoated with pork and beef fat to belittle Hinduand Muslim as religions and to promote Christianity. As a result, the Sepoys rebel in Plassey and are crushed. The British Parliament takes over and Queen Victoria is declared empress of India. Beginning of British colonization of India.Robert CliveResponsible for Dutch victory over Sepoy rebellion in Plassey Java War 1741 - 1743Ethnic Chinese and Javanese fight the Dutch East India Trading Co. for Java. Results in Dutch victory and the fall of Mataram control over Javanese trading. The Dutch take control of trade through Batavia, giving them control of Java for many years. South Africa Diamonds found in South Africa 1867In 1867, diamonds were found in S. Africa near the Vaal River.This led to a "Diamond Rush,"causingthe British to butt into Boer politics, colonize, and imperialize further in anattempt to gain Boer wealth. The Pacific Annexation of Hawaii 1898The United States eventually annexed Hawaii in 1898 for its military significance and values from a imperialist point of view. As a result, Hawaii became a U.S territory and later a state. EffectsPacific islands were consistently devastated by Western diseasesIndigenous peoples were introduced to superior technologyWestern culture was declared superior to indigenous cultureand forced upon the peopleHowever, unlike in Africa, indigenous peoples were not enslavedand the same level of racism did not exist Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902Fought between the English andthe Boer settlers in South Africa. The British won, but at a huge cost of resources and money. British colonization began to fade away as a result. Captain James CookHis voyages to Hawaii from 1777to 1779 opened up the islands to American (U.S.) as well as British Imperialism Treaty of Waitangi 1840Gave British exclusive rights to purchasing Maori land. Eventually led to New Zealand Wars and colonization of NZ by the British. Rohin Bhushan
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