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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 IMPACT NETWORK is Working to Help Achieve a Millennium Development Goal UNIVERSAL PRIMARY EDUCATION Visit the Impact Network website for more information or to get involved! Did you know that 91 % of students in Zambia are failing to meet desired standards. Impact Network is educating kids in Zambia. In Zambia many kids live in poverty and don't have access education. In Zambia alone there are more than 4,000 commutiy schools. ACTIVE CURRICULUMBased on Ministry of Education standards, theiSchool curriculum provides activity-oriented lesson plans for each day. WEEKLY MANAGEMENT4 professional staff support every 10 schools, traveling by motorbike. They provide accountability and logistical support. SOLAR ELECTRICA reliable solar electric system is required in most rural areas to power e-learning and lighting to schools. COMMUNITY OWNERSHIPOwnership is fostered throughcommunity activities like eveningclasses, movie nights, and PTA contribution. Information on thispage was taken GET INVOLVED!!! IMPACT NETWORK is an organization that is doing an important job at a low price.Impact Network is trying to achieve one of the MDG goals which is Universal Primary Education. In zambia91% of students are failing to meet desired standards. Impact Network is trying to prevent this from happening this is why Impact Network is important.
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