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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Undocumented Immigrants: Fact and Faction Keep Texas Housed 21.2% 16.5% Share ofPopulation Share of labor force Immigrants work less than their native-born peers. Immigrants do pay taxes Estimates suggest thatunauthorized immigrants payedover instate and local taxes in 2010. $1.6 billion All undocumented immigrantsparticipate in unskilled labor. White-Collar Blue-Collar Service Farming 37% 37% 4% 22% All undocumented immigrants are uneducatedand have no interest in obtaining a degree. of the undocumentedyouth enrolled in Texaspublic universities in 2007, around 63% completed their degree. 63.3% 59% In the same year, the Centerfor Public Policy Prioritiesfound that 59% of the native-born students graduated on time. Immigration is driving Hispanic population growth in the United States. However, the share of Hispanics who are foreign-born is trending . 50 million More than U.S. residents were identified as Hispanic in 2013: almost 20 percent of the total population. downwards Most undocumented immigrantsrecently arrived in the United States. According to a recent Pew study,the average undocumented immigranthas in the united statesfor years Only percent of undocumented immigrants have resided in the US forless than years. lived 13 16 5 For more information on Keep Texas Housed please visit 13 Years double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Myth: Myth: Myth: Myth: Myth: Myth: much more Immigrants over 16 years oldare to be working than their U.S. bornpeers. This is true for all education levels exceptfor those with a bachelor's degree. likely Undocumented immigrantswork in a arrayof occupations. $4.4 billion In fact, Small businesses owned by immigrants contributed to Texas' economy in 2011. diverse
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