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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SOCIALITE SHILO HOMEBODY HOLLY AGE: 29SALARY: $50,000GENDER: FemaleMARITAL STATUS: singleEDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts from York UniversityOCCUPATION: Caterer LOCATION: High Park, Toronto AGE: 27 SALARY: $30,000 GENDER: FemaleMARITAL STATUS: In a relationshipEDUCATION: High schoolOCCUPATION: SecretaryLocation: Church-Yonge Corridor Shiloh works as a secretary for a publishing company. Her job does not suit her personality. When she is finally let out of her 9-5 shift she cannot wait to do her thing. She spends most ofher time with her boyfriend, family, and friends, but she almost always makes sure they go out. Sheloves getting dressed up and going out to have a good time. Holly works catering events from weddings to birthday parties. She has always loved to cook and has recently turned her passion into a career. When she isnt answering dozens of calls to place orders, she enjoys the company of her few friends but most importantly herself. She spends most of her time at her apartment with her dogs enjoying her own company. INTERESTS & HOBBIES INTERESTS & HOBBIES When Sarah comes home from a long day of being on her feet, there is nothing she would rather do than come home, put on her pajamas, and surf through the thousands of options of Netflix. I can watch literally anything I want. Im about to sound like such a nerd, but do you know HOW many cooking shows are on here? A lot. Sarah does not have to create her schedule around wanting to see a movie, rather, she can squeeze one in whenever she has time. Plus there is the ability to pause, rewind, and pick up where you left off. Not a total commitment for someone like Sarah who is constantly on call for work. cooking
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