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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Does Illegal Immigration Increase Crime in America? 90% 10% 90% of drugs like cocaine come from the Mexico border. The other 10% is the other drugs that we already had. Thesis:Immigrants increase crime and prison populations becauseit makes the United States more dangerous and scarier to beoutside. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) estimates that legal and illegal immigrants take up 20% of prisons or jails. 221,000 non-citizensequals 11-15% of prison populations. Undercontact of DHS 22% out of 8.1 million foreign-born takeup state prisons and 45 large county jails. Facts: In 2009, 57% out of 76 fugitive murderers most wantedby the FBI were foreign born. From 1998 to 2007, 816,000 foreign criminals were removed from the UnitedStates because of a criminal charge or conviction.In addition, illegal immigrants cost U.S. taxpayers more than$100 billion each year. Story Time! Once upon a time, my mom and I were talking about taxes,and that we pay them monthly and yearly. For exampleour family pays taxes when we go shopping, the government takes out money of my parents pay checks and those aretaxes too. Then there are just plain old taxes that are paid yearly.Anyway, that money goes in a big government account thenit's paid for roads, libraries, PRISONS, etc. Yes, did you know that your family is paying money for immigrants that are in prisonsor jails? Call to Action Our country is full of undocumented citizensthat are creating more problems than we canhandle. To help our country be safe and decreasecrime, then we to update our border security. Thisis how to make our country a better and healthier place. Counter Argument Some say that immigrants reduce crime. They only come here for moneyor to create a new life. Immigrants bring skills toAmerica and it improves the overall image of the U.S.Undocumented citizens can do the jobs that Americans refuseto do. They don't mean to harm anyone. Sites Used I couldn't find the other site.
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