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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Illegal Immigration! Does illegal immigration help or hurt the economy? Thesis Statement:Letting illegal immigrants intothe United States helps the economybecause they work jobsthat others won't and pay sales tax. Reason 1.My first reason is that illegal immigrants will work jobs others won't. They will take any job, because the USA pays more in wagesthan other places do. Some examples of jobs that they will take are, construction,agriculture, housekeeping, and the list goes on.Also, they lower our consumer prices because of their lower wages. The best estimate for the number of working or looking for work illegalimmigrants is 8-8.5 million. Reason 2.Have you ever wondered if illegal immigrantspay taxes? Well, just like everyone elsein the USA they pay sales tax. If you add this up it amounts to billions of dollars to our government. The taxes they pay helpto fund schools, police and fire stations, roads, and public services. Each time they pay for anything they are contributing money to our government. Even though illegal immigrants don't have legal status,they are adding value to the USA economy. Counter Argument:Others might think that letting illegal immigrants into the US hurts the economyBut, there are several reasons to counterthat. Illegal immigrants pay taxes, so thatis adding money to our government. Wouldn't we want that? More money to our government means we can make theUS the best it can be. Also, they lower our consumer prices, so that is saving us Americans money. Illegal immigrants help our economy! Call to Action:It is time we all believe in illegal immigrantshelping the economy! Citations: By: Karlie Wight
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