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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 of identit y values creations habits interests family fears sarcastic, good listener,moody when stressed,creative, writer, thinkerintroverted (not shy!): quiet at firstloyal! I act selfless for people I likeI want to see the beauty in everything!horrible at remembering names + faces choices ingredien ts cherishedpossessions LISA ethnicity appearance goals Caucasian, European, German, Rhineland, BonnLanguages: German + "Bรถnnsch", English, French, Italian female, long blonde hair, blue-green-grey eyes with copper rings, in love with scarves and earings did a high school year in Washington State,saved enough money for my solo trip around the world in 2014, moved to Cologne to study media psychology atheist, strong moral beliefs, loyalty and honesty! ambitious,people should be able to discuss constructively, accept it when they are wrong and shouldn't use generalizations one-on-one singing lessons (bare soul!), that something could happen to my twin sister I sang in a professional choir for a year, I like playing tennis but it's too expensive, I love playing table tennis, skiing and wind surfing a tiny bonsai tree, a 21-years old lilac Opel Corsa called Lily, my host dad's first guitar that he bought as a teenager finding happiness!!to feel like a grown-up who understands life(in my dreams I can dance like a prima ballerina) spraining my ankle once a year,my family and I we each share the best thing that happenend during the day in our family whatsApp group (family bond, sharing the little things, staying positive)sleeping in! :-) twin sister (soul mate, law student, funny + kind), dad (loves running + table tennis, dedicated, manages a departmentin a sports club in his free time)mom (beautiful voice, sings solo + in a choir, stage fright, aura of love, most beautiful brown eyes I've ever seen) personality traits a school newspaper that I launched, my travel blog (design, writing + storytelling, photographs),an ebook (exam aid) that I wrote
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