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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 General Mills (GIS.N): $53.12Nestle (NSRGY): $74.05 1983: Bought by Pillsbury 2001: General Mills bought Pillsbury Ice cream produced by:Licensed in the U.S & Canada by: 1978Ben Cohen & Jerry GreenfieldBurlington, Vermont vs Ingredients:cream, skim milk, sugar, skim milk (lactose reduced),pecans (pecans, coconut oil, salt, butter, salt, cream), corn syrup, egg yolks, salt, vanilla extract. Ingredients: Cream, skim milk, liquid sugar (sugar, water), water, pistachios, egg yolks, sugar, coconut oil, guar gum, salt, natural flavors, carrageenan (seaweed binding agent). "Peace, Love, and Ice Cream" Butter Pecan Pistachio Pistachio 1961Reuben & Rose MattusBronx, New York City Ken Powell (General Mills) Caring Dairy Fairtrade-Certified Non-GMO conversion and Pro GMO-Labeling Pride and Same-Sex Marriage Support Ben & Jerry's Foundation (social & environmental justice in the U.S.) Paul Polman(CEO of Unilever) Have donated more than $1 million to honey bee research - The Haagen-Dazs Honey Bee Haven at UC Davis, California. The Triple Bottom Line B-Corp The Bottom Line Corporation Unilever's Annual Report Operational Highlights 2009: When opening up in Delhi, the campaign sign "Preview for international travellers" resulted in a global "Sorry No Indians Allowed" protest. $4.99 sold in 80 countries CONTROVERSIES 2010: After a letter from the Center for Science in the Public Interest to Unilevers CEO, Ben&Jerrys took away the All Natural claim from their label. Controversial names for ice cream flavors. 2006 - Black & Tan (alcoholic drink Irish)2011 - Schweddy Balls (SNL skit - moms)2012 - Taste the Lin-Sanity (Asian basketball player & fortune cookie pieces). 2014: General Mills updated their legal terms for customers engaging with the company - forgoing their right to sue the company. After protests, GM changed back to the old terms. The ice cream industry in the U.S is lucrative. Sales in the U.S were estimated to be $10,8 billion for 2014. The average U.S citizen eats 4.5 gallons of ice-cream every year. $3.99 "Made Like No Other" Jostein Solheim(CEO of Ben&Jerry's) 2000: Bought by Unilever Unilever (UN.N): $41.02 FOUNDERS OWNER Robert Kilmer(Häagen-Dazs) FOUNDERS OWNER General Mills Annual Report Financial Highlights 930 million INITIATIVES (netsales 2013)