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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ENERGY CONSUMPTION The automobile Commercial transportation -Mileage requirements-Alternative fuelsa)Refueling Infrastructureb)Consumer education -trucks-planes-railroads-mass transit: public transportation TRANSPORTATION SECTOR RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL SECTOR -Heating and cooling: 3 abilities to keep hot or cool *Payback period *Electricity *Heating oil-Saving energy on heating and cooling *Maintenance: *Programmable thermostats: Regulate indoor air temperature atomatically. *Insulation: important to reduce heat loss and air infiltration. *Caulking and weatherstriping: keeping closed windows and doors when systems are operating-District energy system -Geoexchange systems-Building design-Lightning: CFL are more common now, because for a long time are better than the old ones-Appliances: *Water heating *Refrigerators *Washers and dryers *Appliance efficiency ratings Industrial sector -Petroleum refinining: refineries need energy to convert crude oil into transportation fuels, heating fuels, chemicals...-Steel manufacturing: Today, steel is the nationยดs leading recycled product, with two thirds of new steel being manufactured from recycled scrap.-Aluminum manufacturing: using recycle aluminium requires 95 percent less energy than conerting bauxite into aluminum.-Chemical manufacturing: is very important because we use for our health.-Cement manufacturing: is very important because we use to built.
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