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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 From Literacyto Meaning-Making Hands-on is Brains-on Screen time to Real World Reading and Writing are not the ONLY ways we make meaning, and in the makerspace we teach kids to use the tools that help them express their learning and themselves more fully. Hands-on making and creating will help deepen students' understanding of both processes and curricular content. We have designed the iDEC program with Inquiry as one of the pillars to support individualized learning.Creating is an important part of the inquiry cycleat iDEC. There are many different ways to be "smart"and by exploring and trying out more, we can pointstudents to their strengths and bolster their weaknesses. Failing(and trying again) Designing Planning Screen reading is ubiquitous. The Makerspacecan tie some of the design strengths of digital devices to real world materialsthrough the design process. Building Tinkering MAKERSPACEProgram Following the Maker Movement, Caulfeild iDEC is establishing its own Makerspace along with a school-wide Maker Program that provides all students with opportunitiesto explore their creativity while displayingtheir understanding of the curriculum. Written Visual Combinations/Multimodal Working with their hands with brains engagedto solve real world problems will encourage studentsto discover their flow state, where time stands still and you become one with your creation and process. Individualized Learning Making is fun Audio Built/Sculpted Choose fromthe Toolboxthe best way to show understanding ScienceTechnologyEngineeringARTSMathematics
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