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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NEMO Insights about a future joint communication EMC ECA IETM "Make the information relevant to our members (e.g. showing arguments why other cultural fields are also interesting for museums)." "There is a need of a more concise way of sharing relevant news." "We believe that personal interaction is very important for our work." (being more present at international events, trade fairs and conferences, as part of the conference programme or/and renting stands to present us and our work) "Send us short texts/ press releases directly, with information that could be relevant or interesting for our members or post news directly on our Facebook page." "Continue to collaborate on sharing news and inform each other about our editing policies and social media principles. Also, hold short meetings focused on communication to exchange experience and best practices." CAE On the Move ResArtis RESEO TEH "We are hesitant to publishing news to our wide audience of mainly artists on Facebook. Sharing selected information (e.g. important reports etc.) in newsletters would be interesting to try, but may be difficult to filter." "Formalize better what we started to do (Lux training): share news which can be useful for our respective audiences, acknowedge sources, avoid dupplication etc. " "Present concise information in one paragraph (higher interest in upcoming conferences, prize/grant schemes, job offers, upcoming events and lesser interest in more political issues or reports). Reciprocity in communication, invite us to give input, create trust and knowledge of the other's programme through continuous contact and meetings." "Not forcing things might be more productive than imposing policies and strategies. Identify specific areas of interest and overlaps. One important principle is to always communicate in a positive way about the activities of the other networks and, by doing so, create a positive spiral. "
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