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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 choose what music you want to listen tosit in front of the light in a comfortable positionclose your eyestake deep breaths and let go into the experience Sources: Parts of the session may bemore intense than others.If you ever feel overwhelmed,cover your eyes with yourhands and it will stop. the Hypnagogic Light Machine Experiencewith the LUCIA N3 There may be a period of constantlight during some sessions. This isnormal and helps you integrate theexperience. If you ever feel overwhelmed or physically uncomfortable,raise your arms or speak out to stop the session. It's important to know your limits! Speak to your doctor beforeusing the light if ... you are pregnant you sufffer from severe anxiety or psychosis you have photo-sensitive epilepsy or strobe-intolerance Choose music that is positive and calming/uplifting What to Expect Relax into the experience and try to let go of thoughts as much as possible Your eyes may flutter at thebeginning; this is normal. Simply breathe deeply. You can also squeeze youreyes shut for a few seconds. You may want to set an intention for the experience Basic Steps Tips/Recommendations Try smiling. It changes what you see! Traveling Light After the session ends, take afew minutes to breathedeeply with your eyes still closed.
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