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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hush,Hush Abbie lee Vocabulary -Becca Fitzpatrick page 42 195 2. Convoluted-complex & 58 3.Estate- area or amount of property or 58 4.Pursuing-follow or chasesomeone or 2 5.Onslaught- Fierce or distructive attack. Setting Theme *Coldwter, Main *Forbidden love between fallen angles and humans Author Quote "Keep in mind that people change, but the past doesn't." *The quote above reveals that he has changed and he is not the same person he was. -Patch Conflicts Nora and patch are falling in love but Nora doesn't know patch is a fallen angle, because he is a fallen angle and has Nephilium blood vessels,half fallen angle,half human,who posses for two weeks during themonth of cheshvan. But at the end Jules tries to kill Nora. Plot Nora is an average sophomore in Coldwater,Maine. Her life is uneventful until she is seated next to patch in biology. She is drawn to him and thinks his behavior is attracting and sometimes repelling. Climax & Main Events When Nora finds out that Elliot and Jules are bad. She decided's to not get anymore involved with them but Vee decided's otherwise and gets herself in trouble. Elloit and JUles lock Vee in the school after hours just to Lur Nora in to get to Patch. Jules is fixing to kill Nora bust Nora jumpes off the rafters. Main Characters 1. Nora Grey is a dynamic character.At the beginning of the story she has a dull existence until patch comes in her life then its anything but dull. 2. Patch Cipriano is a dynamc character. At the beginning of the story he was dull and dark but as the book got closer to the end he started to be less dark. 3. Vee Sky is static and dynamic. Her personality never changes but she has different reactions to different thing than she did before. By :Abbie Lee
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