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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1.united states suffered a severe drought2.dry land farming led to the systematicdestruction of the prairie grasses3. overgrazing destroyed large areas ofgrassland 1.people became homeless because the lose jobsand cant pay rent2. people with no job couldn't feed themselves3. children suffered from poor diet and no medical care Hunger in America Vs. Hunger in Ethiopia Causes (" Dust") America Ethiopia Effects ("The Human") % of impacted population("The Great") The employment rate hovered close to 25% Government Aid ("The Great Depression") in 1932, only 1.5 percent of all government funds were spent onrelief and averaged about $1.67 per citizen Causes ("Centanni") 1. Ethiopian government destroyed crops depriving the local people to grow food and access to food stored2. not having governmentsupport, the have no reliablefood source when cropsfail3. drought triggers faminewhen farmers can't growcrops Effects ("Thurow") 1. Kids weren't able togo to school2. diminished physicaland mental capacity3.critical brain development and slow growth % of impacted population ("UN") 28% of all childmortality in Ethiopiais associated with stunting Government Aid ("U.S") With nearly $70 million in new privatesector investmentfarmers are able to growtheir business andhire employees Chronic Hunger:("World") A potentially deadly disease Effects - high infant- mortality rate-vulnerability to common illness-increased risk of infection- Environmental overload- Discrimination- lack of clout Solution Freedom from hungers credit with education program How is it providing aid transferring the microfinanceprogram technology
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