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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Your choice, Your vote, Our future Enviroment Voting rights Services Welfare We Democratic Power believes that the law is what keeps the society inplace and out of chaos. We are giving citizens a place and freedom to vote for their representatives representing their district. Tax We want to create a high tax based society because we truly believe that every citizens in the country should be taken care of at all times Education, Health Care and Safety are main serviceswe will provide. Democratic Power will work hard to provide everyone with basic rights: Freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from wants and freedom from fear. We Democratic Power strives to create a better society for you. Our party wishes to create a fast and efficient country with an outstanding economy. Democratic Power is cautious about the fact that ethnic minority groups, the disabled, the unemployed, the elderlies, basically all the underprivileged in general lives in a very poor condition double click to change this title text! The court of appeal, the High Court of Justice for civil cases and the Crown court for criminal cases We Democratic Power will create a better environment for all. There will be no limitations toplace a vote, from females to unemployed are all unrestricted, except you are only able to vote when you are over 18 and is an official citizen in our country. Democratic Power Democratic Power We define "freedom" Laws
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