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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 RELIGION SOCIALMOBILITY EDUCATION ART SCIENCE EXTRA'S HUMANISM Humanists are a group that don't completely beleive in religion but believe in science too. They also providedus with the discoverys we have today. Religion changed a lot during the renaissance time and it went down the most because of humanism. This is importantbecause if people didn't stoplistening to the popes we wouldn'thave science! Science was probably the biggest step for renaissanceand upped our level for success a lot. Where as now science ismainly what we rely on. Mobility in the social system was hard to move up or down in andyou needed to do something amazingto try.during renaissance that changedeventually even poor people could levelhigher than noblemen. During this time education waslimited to the popes,kings,and other highly known peoples. When renaissance hadhit Europe many others could learn too, which leads to our educations. Art was extremely importantbefore and after renaissanceit was used for decor, and holy paintings.Art only changed a little when Da Vinci, Shakespearand many others stepped in forthis change. Technology is a huge stepto easier lives. The importanceof this is that technology shapesour future and that why we arewhere we are. Without all these changeswe woud probably be ina ridged social system too. White Christmas *resources RENAISSANCE EUROPE The Development of Our Western Worldview BIG IDEA: Contact With Others Lead to Change in Ideas & Knowledge TECHNOLOGY
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