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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Han Dynasty Government Agriculture Science Their military tactics are new weapons which are the long sword, the crossbow and the kite. That time the empire reach to the central Asia, Korea, and Vietnam, in the Han army there are about 130000 to 300,000 men in their army, each man has to join the army from age 25 to 60 for two years. In the Han Dynasty they soften their rules, and they used the confucian ideas in the government. During that time China was like a bureaucracy,and people have to take exam to become the officials. Every year they need to be evaluated, base on that they can be promoted or demoted. The Han farmer are expected to grow enough food to feed their families and hope to help sock the share granaries, but the weather can often destroyed the crops, so they made several inventions to improve framer's life, like chain pump made it easier to move water from low irrigation, and iron plow to push away the dirt. Last the wheelbarrow, so it's easier to take things around. Han astronomer closely observed the heaven such as the time the moon shines, and also the solar eclipse are a seismograph that are able to detect earth quakes from several hundred miles away, and also a magnetic compass to let you know where is north and south, used to know where to place temple. Warfare Resource:History alive, Medicine Many of the Han ideas and treatment are still used today. First, the acupuncture which used thin needles inserted into specific part of body. Through this it rebalance the forces of yin and yang. Second is moxibustion which use a moxa which is hot to reuse pain and promote recovering. Third they found out how human body work and the blood circulation by hearing the heart beat. Art The invention of paper has two advantages. First that it help calligraphy because it absorb ink well. Secondly, because paper is cheaper, so people can afford to write more. The Han government controlled the two must important industries the silk and salt, but during that time both things are very hard to get, so the develop of invention helped. Like a foot powers machine make the silk easier to make and they use iron tipped bamboo drills to mine the salt from underground Industry The Han dynasty came after the Qin Dynasty. It lasted from about 206 B.C.E. to 220 C.E., and it began with the emperor Liu Bang. The Han Dynasty made many achievement, including warfare, agriculture, industry, art, medicine, and science.
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