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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Reward your customers with exclusive discountsto encourage them to repeat purchase. One of the successful campaigns was for L'Oreal Korea.L'Oreal Parislaunched a new product in Korea and decided to advertise it throughmobile messages. Tell the world about your new product launch. SMS is thefastest and one of the cheapest mode of advertisement. These services are now more and more demandedby the customers. Bulk SMS Marketing How to use Bulk SMS Marketing tool to boost your sale..... Conduct competitions via SMS and use product giveawaysto encourage signups, and reward loyal customers.. Competitions Instant Updates Within 5 weeks there were 1.5 million participants.. Result Through Instant updates, let your customers knowabout latest changes. Mcdonald held a "Merry Christmas in the Restaurant" campaignvia SMS Marketing, where people could enter a competition withinthe restaurant using codes from their food containers. Many travel agencies use this facility for updating the statusof bus or flight to their customers. Banks also use this facilityto make their customer know about their account status. Result *64% customers believe that businesses should use SMS tointeract more often.*75% state that SMS services improved their overall Brand experience Discounts Encourage your customers to make purchase in storeby showing the code and get discount. Along with thisyou also let your customers know about your latest offergoing on. Crocs offered 15% off on purchase to their customers if they registertheir mobile number for SMS updates. Result There was a rise in Crocs product sale and customers were satisfiedas they were able to know easily about the company's offer. Presale Discount Domino's pizza regularly text their customers,voucher codesso that they will get certain money off on purchase of pizza. Result New Product Launch Result One hundred thousand people respond to the campaign messages. Reminder/Notification Policy, Bank EMI, School fee etc. use this service to help theircustomers keep track of important information by sending itstraight to their phones. Result Today more and more customers are registering their mobile numbers for these reminder, notification, alerts etc. Result There was a drastic increase in domino's pizza sale withvery minimum marketing expense. Dominos decided tocontinue SMS as a key part of its marketing strategy.
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