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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How to Tie Pointe Shoes Make sure that you have your toe pads, pointe shoes and convertible tights (they have a hole on the underside of your foot allowing them to be rolled up without taking them off). The toe pads are made out of wool and look like the toe of a sock. Step 1) Gathering Materials: Roll up your tights by taking the edges of the hole and sliding it around your toes thenpartially up your ankle. Slide your toe pads onto each of your feet so that the longer side should be on the outside of your foot, covering your last four toes. Reverse the tights process so that it is once again, covering your foot and the hole is on the underside of you foot. Step 2) Tights and Toe Pads: To find the correct shoe for each foot, hold the ribbons on either side of the shoe straight up next to each other. The longer ribbon should be attached to the side of the shoe at your inner ankle. Slip on the shoe by sliding your toes under the elastics, then into the vamp (the section that will cover the toes when it is on) and pull the back of the shoe over the heel of your foot. Start with both ribbons on the corresponding side so that they are not tangled or crossing yet. Make sure that the ribbon stays low on the ankle and that the foot is in a flexed position. Step 3) Put on the Shoe: Step 4) Set Up: Step 5) Extras: 42. Also, make sure that when tying the ribbons, they remain taught. A good indicator of correct tightnessis that, once tied, one finger can fit under the ribbon between the ankle bone and the Achilles tendon. By: Emily Bartner
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