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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TOOLS You will need orange spray paint, a half moon edger, a pair of shears, and a wheel barrow. RAZOR SHARP EDGES FOR YOUR FLOWER AND MULCH BEDS MAP YOUR ROUTE Use your orange spray paintto make a line along your flower/mulch bed. BREAKING GROUND Holding your edger in an upright position, place your foot on the spade (the metal part) and push down until the spade isfirmly submerged in the ground. SEPARATION Place both of your hands at the top of the shaft. FromIt's upright position, pushthe shaft downward untilit is laying flat on the ground.If the turf is not completely separated, that is fine becauseyou will have another chance to remove it later on. Repeat this step and the previous one until you have reached the end of your route. TURF REMOVAL Peel the remaining chunksof turf away from your edge and pile them in your bed away from your edge. From here you can throw the turf in your wheel barrow and either compost it or dump it in a nearby wooded area. FINISHING TOUCHES To give your edge that razor sharp look that you want, you will need to trim it to get rid of the remaining grass blades hanging over the edge.Using a pair of shears, turn them sideways so that they are lined up with the edge. Cut the grassalong the edge. Next, you canmulch your bed. It should bea general two-to-three inchesthick, one-to-two around thebase of plants. Mulching will slow down weed growth and make your bed pop. By Ethan Fillion
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