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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Figurative level: Qualitative method Quantitative method 1st 2nd 3rd level level level SYNTATIC What do images make you understand? Plastic level: perception of shapes, colors, lines,textures... perception of objects and space image attributes - Shape- Position- Size- Value- Texture- Color- Orientation SEMANTIC Action-object (verb-noun): ocasional usersObject-action (noun-verb): useful users Condensation: How many clicks do you do the 2nd time you visit a web compared with the first one? Extension: Creation of tension or emotion. The user mustperforme a series of click to get the final object. How to analyse a Website? PRAGMATIC interfaces are alsodevises for doing - How do interfaces carry instructions for developing tasks?- What do images tell you to do? Order, Authorisation, Prohibition Afordances: how to use an object? - wrong affordances: create confusions and false expectations- good affordances: make better interactions USABILITY quality of user experience when interacting with a website effectiveness: efficiency: satisfaction: accuracy with which users achieve their tasks speed with which users can perform the expected tasks confort and axxeptamce of the system by the users Nielsen's: easy to learn, easy to remember ANALYTICAL methodology Inspection: Inquiry: Testing: Analyses the interface to detect possible interaction problems. There are basic principles that have to be respected. Analyses information about the user preferences, dislikes,needs and system understanding. Analyses the outputs to understand how the interface facilitates or not the interaction. This include qualitative research to understand cognitive processes and metaphors, andquantitative research to measure interaction, numberof clicks, paths... DESIGN methodology principles of web usability: PAGE DESIGN: What captures the attention of the user?CONTENT DESIGN: Does design facilitate the acces to the content, or it's just decoration?WEB DESIGN: the structure of the web is important, but it is not represented on the screen. examples: distribution and dimensions, fonts and textes,download speed and links, the scanner-reading, imagesand animations, home page design, structure... PROS CONS - This method can say many things about the web or the interaction.- Instrumental approach- Usability is useful in specific web genres. - It can also hide many other things of the web.- Usability doesn't explain why a web generates a specific sense or passion.- No narrative dimension.- Not all people look for real-time information.- Standarization of interfaces: no strangeness o differenciation. Nuria Armengol - Paula Pou - Xavi Puig - Maria Rey - Carla Vila Group 6A - Analysis of Interactive Media Messages
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