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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How much Technology is too much for young children? 60% of all selling educational apps are designed for preschool chilldren. 30% of apps on parent's devices aredownloaded bytheir children. 27% of children by the age of 8 and younger use media screen-based daily. 25% of children are using the internet daily by 3yrs old. 50% of childrenby the age of 5 use the internet daily. Children under twoyears old shouldnot use any form of technology. Healthy Guidlines for Technology use. Limit the time to 1-2 hours for children ages 3 years old andup. Encourage outdoor play,or provide indoor activities as alternitives. Keep all screen-biaseddevises out of the children's rooms. When possible, restrict all screen-base to one area. Parents should roll modal how to use technologywisely. Monitor what your children are looking into when using the computer. Under the age of 2, the brainis developing rapidly. Whenexposed to technology,it created over exposure. Too Much Technology Children that spend too much time on technology spend less time on activities that helpcalm down an overactive brain and spend even less time doing activities that help with creative thought. Children that spend to much timeon technology spend less timedoing gross-motor. Which is onof the concerns for obesity inchildren. * Dr. Larry Rosen, 06/24/2013How Much Technology Should You Let Your Child Use? Resources: * ROBERT WEISS LCSW, CSAT-S, 5 Mar 2014When Parenting Your Kids, How Much Tech is Too Much Tech? * naeyc, JANUARY 2012Technology and Interactive Media as Tools in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth through Age 8 * KidsMatter. © Commonwealth of Australia 2008, reproduced with permission. Kids online: The statistics * (images) * m * American Academy of Pediatrics, 2005 Media and Children * STEPHANIE BUCK Kids & Technology: The Developmental Health Debate AUG 09, 2011 ntal-health/ * (info gathering) * Katherine Lee Kids and Technology: When to Limit It and How© 2014 About.comhttp://childparenting.about .com
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