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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DOG How A Bill Becomes Law 1st ReadingThe bill is read out loud to the legislative then passed into the hoppers to be read by the house and individual senator. Sent to Standing CommitteeThe standing committee reads the bill as a permanent legislative panel. House OnlyIt is then sent to the rules committee who act as a traffic cop to make sure it is proper. If the bill turns our to be different from the original version, it gets sent to a conference committee to be processed. The bill is then sent to the presidentHe also has 4 options.1. he can sign it, it then becomes a law2.veto it, it dies but can be over ridden by a 2/3 vote vote in both chambers.3.pocket veto he can let the bill die on its own4. Hold it- president can let it become law on its own. Goes to Other Chamber and reapeats steps 1-7. Vote on BillIt then takes a simple Majority vote of 50%+1 to determine the outcome. 2nd ReadingThe bill then passes back to the floor to be read to the entire chamber. 3rd ReadingThen the debate begins with the sponsor. The senate could have a filibuster or stop it with a 3/5ths vote of cloture. Committee has four options1. Recommended to pass then goes to floor2. Kill It-so the bill dies and does not continue3.Pigeonhole- gets held in the committee for review4. Recommend to not be passed- which is rarely used.
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