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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 II. Faculty Hillside HS Hornet Academy V. Tutoring VI. Post-grad Plans Q: "Compared to my academic experiences to date, I consider classroom instruction at HA to be..." 48% (80/168) of 10th grade HHS students enrolled in English II completed the 18-question, online survey about their experiences in Hornet Academy I. The Impressive Big Picture 75% HA provided them the necessaryacademic abilities and skills to be successful at any high school in NC. HA to "all rising 9th graders in my community." 77% Q: "Compared to my overall experiences in schools, I consider my relationships w/ HA faculty to be ......" 71% **In response to an open-ended question, the most cited strength (16) and weakness (8) of HA was the quality of faculty** -- 87% (20) of Honors English II students-- 42% (38) of MYP English II students-- 41% (22) of Standard English II students -- 95% of students are HA alumni III. Classroom Instruction 66% Above Average IV. Honors Enrollment 74% enrolled in HA81% enrolled in 10th **26 of 80 students cited HA as factor for enrolling in Honors! 46% agree HA influenced decision to attend tutoring 60% participation in HA44% participation in 10th 53% agree HA impacted post-grad plans -- 17 "influenced" students want to attend 4-year college, 8 want to apply to HBCU, 6 want to attend college visited on HA tour VII. Extracurricular Involvement 27% cite HA as factor influencing participation Important Consideration: 48% of responders are MYP students; MYP students report starkly more positiveHA experiences than Honors and Standard students on every single question Representative quote by a 10th grade HHS student - What I liked about Hornet Academy is that it's really a good start for rising freshmans. They help you to start thinking about high school in the future and where to start when coming into high school. They need to improve on letting the students know of how things are going to be without the Hornet Academy because in the future & what I know now is that they aren't going to hold your hand when you are out of Hornet Academy. It's all on you. Positive Agree Hornet Academy is a transitional program for all ninth graders attending Hillside High School in Durham, NC that is designed to create a smaller, more personal learning community seeking to foster high academic and social expectations that result in high school achievement and post-graduate success. 60% participation in HA47% participation in 10th Would Recommend
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