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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Top Honeymoon destinationsfor every personality To you, the word "honeymoon" is synonymous with warm weather and relaxation. You dream of escaping with your fiancé to an island with blue water for miles where no one can reach you. If you crave some much-needed rest after the long process of planning a wedding, a beach honeymoon is the perfect fit for you. Beach Honeymoon OUR RECOMMENDATION: FIJI Adventure Honeymoon You and your soon-to-be spouse don't like to stay still for too long and love to explore. You're self-proclaimed "outdoorsy" people, and you'd rather hike up a picturesque mountain than lay on the beach all day. Theres no adventure like marriage, and our honeymoons will be the start of your preparation for the challenge. Hike to the live Arenal Volcano and catch a glimpse of the stunning daily eruptions of molten lava, take a romantic dip at the foot of La Fortuna Waterfall, zipline through Selvatura Park or go whitewater rafting on the Pacuare River in this region of adreneline pumping activites.To create a tailor-made honeymoon to Costa Rica,visit us online or call one of our Latin America Specialists at 1-855-838-8665 The only thing you've dreamt of more than your wedding day is spotting the "Big Five" (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo) on an exotic safari. Our Africa Specialists can provide you with the best safari experience to make sure you get up close and personal with as much wildlife as possible. Safari Honeymoon OUR RECOMMENDATION: TANZANIA Step outside your natural habitat and see wildlife roam free in theirs in the vibrant and exotic country of Tanzania. Our Africa Specialist Joanna recommends adding on a trip to islands of Zanibar for some white sandy beaches to end the romantic journey.If you find yourself exploring the Serengetti, book a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the land for a bonus unforgettable memory. To create a tailor-made honeymoon to Tanzania, visit us online or call one of our Latin America Specialists at 1-855-838-8665 Your shared love of exploring new cultures is just one of the traits that you and your future spouse have in common. Whether its trekking through ancient ruins or immersing yourself in a foreign culture,you want to soak in every bit of a nation. Cultural Honeymoon OUR RECOMMENDATION: THAILAND Thailand consistently ranks fifth on amongst the most searched honeymoon locations on Google, and after you dive into their culture, youll understand why.Whether its wandering the local markets of Bangkok, bicycling through the abandoned ruins of the fallen Kingdom of Sukhothai, or learning the art of Thai Cuisine at a locally run Thai cooking school, youll be bragging about this honeymoon for decades.For a bonus taste of romance, be sure to include a stay at the Song Saa Private Island in Cambodia,as recommended by our Specialist Julie.To create atailor made honeymoon.... Enjoy a stay at the Likuliku hotel, Fiji's only accomodation with over water bures, as recommended by one of our Australasia Specialists.You're guaranteed a peaceful getaway at this resort only accessible by air or boat. Should you grow tired of lounging around, Fiji offers some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the world. To create a tailor-made honeymoon to Fiji, visit us online or call one of our Australasia Specialists at 1-855-838-8700. OUR RECOMMENDATION: COSTA RICA
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