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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tr af fi c C o nt ro lS y st e m :it s u s e dt oc or di n at et ra ffi cs ig n al s.St a k e h ol d er s: D ri v er s a n d c o m p ut er s.R E LI A BI LI T Y: D ri v er sr el y o nt h e si g n al ss ot h at th e y c a nt ra v el .If it s n ot a cc u ra te in p ro c e s si n gi ts d at aw e w o ul d h a v e m ul ti tu d e of a cc id e nt s. E d u c a ti o n a n d T r a i n i n g: IMPACTS OF TECHNOLOGY ADVANCES. Business and Employment: Business and Employment: Traffic Control System: its used to cordinate traffic signals.Stakeholders: Drivers and computers.RELIABILITY: Drivers rely on the signals sothat they can travel.If its not accurate in processing its datawe would have multitude of accidents. ATM: a machine that perform basic banking activites such as withdrawing.Stakeholders:Bank managers and Customers.AUTHENTICITY:Customers are entrusted to maketheir own ATM account which enables them to receive money anywhere they want to.The good thing is that if you lose it no one can withdraw a penny from your account unless they guessed your password. Laptop Computer: a personal computer for mobile use.It has Portability:carry it wherever you go.Immediacy:having quick acess of something online.Stakeholders:Everyone especially students.Security:If you do not want your personal information to be shared ,you create your own account. Education and Training: Education and Training: Interactive Whiteboards: is a large interactive display that connects to a computer and projector.It is controlled usinga pen, finger or other device.They are used in different setting.Ex: Classrooms,broadcasting studios and more.Reliability:People rely in its operation of hardware and the design of software and accuracy of data or the correspondence of data with the real world. Environment: Environment: Tagging: a non-hierarchial keyword or term assigned to a piece of information.This kind of medadata helps describe an item and allows it to be found again by browsing or searching.Privacy; GPS: is a space-based satellite navigation system that provides location and time information in all weather anywhere on or near the earth.Globolization: People can travel anywhere they eant to a thousand miles away or even more.It has united people especially in the U.S where people are busy and don't have time to talk with family and friends. Health: Health: E-Prescription: Computer- generated prescription created byhealth provider and sent directly to your pharmacy .Privacy:Make sure that they send it private, secure and in closednetwork - the Surescripts network.Advantanges: It is fast,convenient.legible and economical. Telemedicine: Use of telecommunication and Informationtechnologies in order to provide clinical healthcaredistance.Used to save lives in critical care and emergency situation.It was developed amd marketed by Med Phone Corporation in 1989 and the leaderships of its president and founder,S.Eric Wachtel.Adv: Reduce the cost of healthcare and increase efficiencythrough better management of chronic diseases shared healthproffesional staffing, reduced travel times and fever or shorterhospital stays.The digital and equaltiy of access: Since not everyone hasmobile to connect with doctors.People who do not have the access have to travel long miles for doctors appointmentstherefore wasting their gas and time.
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