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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Inuit Inuit Food Legend Clothing Jobs Women Men Shelter Transportation The Inuit rely on hunting and fishing to survive. For thousands of years they hunted the caribou, musk ox, Arctic hare, walrus, polar bear, seal, whale, ptarmigan, geese, ducks and other birds as well as bird eggs. They ate wild greens, roots, berries and seaweed and collected and preserved them for winter. How the Polar Bear was Turned to StoneAt the bottom of the harbour across from Nain is a brook called Annainak. Women used to fish there for trout. One day the woman and children were fishing with an old man standing guard. A polar bear was seen coming towards them and the old man, afraid the bear would attack, turned it to stone. You can still see the bear to this day on the side of the hill still trying to get to Annainak Brook. Sew,cook,dry hides,shave skins Hunt,fish,repair and makeweapons,cut the skin or blubber of an animal The Inuit invented parkas.Inuit people wear long parkas that protect them from the cold. Parkas are also sometimes called anoraks. A lot of inuits order their clothing on the internet or by catalogue if they don't want to make it themselves. Some Inuit wear traditional clothes (boots, pants, parkas, mittens) made of animal skins when they go out on the land. In the past, the Inuit lived in two kinds of homes throughout the year. The first home was the igloo.The Inuit used the igloo in the winter. They would build the igloo in a circle using the snow from the inside of the circle to cut blocks with a snow knife. The blocks were used tomake a dome-shaped house. The Inuit used seal oil lamps called kudus to light up their igloos at night.In the summer the whole family would take all of their things and move to a new place.They lived in tents made out of caribou or seal skins and driftwood or whale rib bones to hold it up. The Inuit used a sled with a dog team to get around in the past. They still use the dog teams but now snowmobiles are used more. Snowmobiles are fast but dogs don't run out of fuel. They used to use kayaks in the water. Kayaks are a one person boat. They were made from driftwood and sealskins. The inuit would hunt on water for wales and caribou and steering the boat with a two ended paddle. By: Elizabeth Jane-Marie Thompson-Dove
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