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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Harmful Homeschooling Harmful Homeschooling Homeschooling is a thingof the past. It was firstmeant for farmers and their children. During thistime, educating kids came second to working them on the farm. Seaborne FARM "When playing with others,children learn appropriate social behaviors, such as sharing, cooperating, and respecting the property of others" -Tom Changhon "Teens often find limited opportunities to join sports teams, especially competitive ones" -Isabella Shaw "A parent, who is not qualified to teach, may have a very difficult time teaching specialized subjects such as science and math, which may have devastating consequences on the child's academic performance" -Disadvantages of Home Schooling "A child who is not given the opportunity for the social interactions that provide emotional, cognitive, and social growth, may not posses the skills necessary to overcome peer pressures, learn valuable life lessons, or be properly prepared for the challenges of adulthood" -Disadvantages of Home-Schooling "Being involved in extra curricular activities are great learning experience, however, these types of social settings usually only deal with one particular social group and do not provide the proper amount of social interaction that childrenneed on a daily bases" -Disadvantages of Home-Schooling "Being with others doesn't just provide theopportunity for the large-group discussions,putting on plays, and other large-scaleactivities. It provides opportunitues to learnfirsthand that people develop differently,have different strengths and weaknesses,learn in different ways. None of this is in the curriculum. Yet, It is an essential partof our education as people who live in theworld with others and need to get alongwith them" -Against Homeschooling
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