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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 you want to be an actor Australian Film Industry Australia are known for there bush ranger movies such as Crocodile Dunee and the Kelly Gang, but they also have another wide variety of movies such as Mad Max fury road which was the highest grossing Australian film of 2015 and the Australian Film Industry is attracting big Hollywood names such as "Tom Hardy" who played "Mad Max" in Mad Max Fury Road. Acto rs Th em ad ma dcl as sic fro m1 97 5h as am as siv ec ult foll ow ing no w. Australia is home to some of the worlds finest movie stars such as Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemworth and many more. Australia is also home to some film makers such as Mel Gibson who created film such as brave heart. Chris Hemsworth a well known Australian actor made his acting debut on a Austrlian Tv show Home and Away and is now a major Hollywood actor and has started in many films he's also one a lot of awards such as an MTV award and Peoples choice a teens choice and a logie. Australia made what was probably one of the first full length movies releasing the Kelly gang in 1906. The sound era was the most successful era of Australian film with a lot of popular series. The new era brought a massive decline in Australian film industry and the new era of Australian film brought a lot of diverse films being created Number of Female and male Aussie actors Actresses Australia's first big movie with sound was the 1900s Classic "The Kelly Gang".
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