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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How much do you know about the winter holidays? 1. Who created the first hot chocolate? a. The Chineseb. The Mayansc. The Egyptiansd. The Aliens 5. How big was the largest cup ofhot chocolate, and where was it made? 4. Which president of the United States bannedChristmas trees from the White House? 3. Dreidels were first used by Jewish students studying the Torah. When the Greeks, who forbade them to study it,came in, the students pretended to beusing dreidels for... 2. What is dropped on New Year's Day inBrasstown, North Carolina instead of aball? a. A light-up snowflakeb. A carton of Chicken McNuggetsc. The mayord. An opossum a. Playing a gambling gameb. Playing hopscotchc. Playing chessd. Playing Super Mario Brothers a. Abraham Lincolnb. Theodore Rooseveltc. Jimmy Carterd. Chester A. Arthur a. 2,126.3 Liters, Englandb. 400.78 gallons, Arkansasc. 533.04 gallons, Brazild. 634.01 gallons, Mexico Answers: 1) B. The Mayans--What geniuses!2) D. An opossum--The opossum is loweredto the ground with care, not actually droppedlike the ball in New York City. Thistakes place at Clay's CornerConvenience Store.3) A. Playing a gambling game--To avoidgetting punished by the Greeks, Jewishstudents pretended to play a gamblinggame while they were actually studyingthe Torah.4) B. Theodore Roosevelt--He claimed that Christmas trees were an "environmentalconcern."5) D. 634 gallons, Mexico--This cup of hotchocolate was made in 2010 by Nestle. Photo obtained under a Creative Commons liscense.
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