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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Holiday Season Tips for Pets: Avoid These Foods How regular yoga practice benefits children and teens Christmas Pudding, Christmas Cake and Mince Pies:These Christmas fancies are bad for dogs for a number of reasons:Firstly - they are jam-packed full of current raisins and sultanas. These are all a variation on the grape and as such have the same serious health risks.Secondly - they are full of fat. High fat meals are one of the high risk factors leading to pancreatitis. GRAPES:Exactly why and how these are poisonous to dogs is unknown and the exact volume needed to cause symptoms is difficult to predict. Some dogs will eat one or two grapes and become seriously ill, but others can eatmany of them without apparent signs. Theonly way to be safe is to keep them out of reach of your dog. Bones: Once cooked all bones become brittle and splinter easily. This can lead to larger fragments getting stuck causing obstructions, but also smaller pieces can cause gut irritation and perforation. Alcohol:We tend to use much more alcohol in our cooking at this time of year and so even normal titbits can be potentially problematic over the Christmas period. Macadamia Nuts:Within 12 hours of ingestion macadamia nuts can cause dogs to experience weakness, depression, tremors, vomiting and hyperthermia. These symptoms can last for approximately 12 to 48 hours. Chocolate Coins/Other Chocolate Treats:We all know chocolate is bad for our dogs, but during the Holiday season people often forget about the decorative treats left around the house that our pets can get in to. 463-7100
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