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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Unit 3 Test guide BILL OF RIGHTS AND CONSTITUTION TYPES OF GOVERNMENT Constitution: Bill of Rights: to prevent tyrannyspecific protections 4 ppl by govt.rights:freedom of speech, speedy trial, searches/seizures -so many diverse interests-must provide for common good-prevents 1 faction from getting all power-taxing-strong cent. govt. against it: thought become too pwrfultyranny/ lacks rights govts: democracy, monarchy oligarcy, autocracy, theocracy how became a law:ratification by the states1787-1790 1.prosed by congress/ starts at hot OR senate 2.debate on bill: if passed goes to other house (repeat)3.send to president4. judicial figures can say its not constitutional or say it works branches: Legislative: congress makes laws to gov country.. bicameral: HOR/SENATEexecutive: president/VP enforce lawsjudicial: supreme courts, interprate/define laws//make sure laws follow constitution democracy: people rule selvesmonarchy:single fig. pwr ranges absolute to none at alloligarchy: power is in hands of small factiontheocracy: religious officials have divine guidance (rule by relig)autocracy: all authority in a single person-- no checks on power bill becomes a law preamble: one parag. intro to the constitution. begins by stating goals of it and obligations of govt. vocab: checks and balances: each branch of gov has the per to monitor and limit actions of other two brances popular sovereignty: people r source of political pwr// created to consent to ppl
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