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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TRI RISMAHARINI SURABAYA MAYOR 22 TOOK OFFICE : 28 SEPTEMBER 2010 SURABAYA MAYOR URBAN PLANNING City parks were built Risma is the restoration of the park at Jalan Raya Darmo hump with the concept of an all-in-one entertainment park, park in the Roundabout Dolog, Undaanfruit gardens, and parks in Bawean, and in some other places that were once dead now every night met withresidents of Surabaya. In addition Risma also buildpedestrian path with modern concepts along theway Basuki Rahmat followed up the road Tunjungan,Blauran, and Panglima Sudirman. APPRECIATION In October 2013, under the leadership of Surabaya City was awarded the Asia-Pacific region, namely Future Government Awards 2013 in two fields at once that data center and digital inclusion set aside 800 cities across the Asia-Pacific.Taman Bungkul awarded the 2013 Asian townscape Awardfrom the United Nations as the best park in Asia in 2013.In February 2014, Tri Rismaharini crowned as Mayor of the Month or guardian of the best cities in the world for the monthof February 2014 for its success for leading the metropolitan city of Surabaya as the best arrangement. Surabaya won the trophy four times in a row adipura namely in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 for the category of the metropolis. Tri Rismaharini began setting Surabaya from bad arrangement since he became head of DKP. He continued the task since inducted into the mayor in 2010. In his tenure at the Ministry, to become mayor, Surabaya became more beautiful and well-organized than ever before, greener and fresher. Full Name : Tri RismahariniBorn : 20 November 1961 (Age 53)Bendera Indonesia Kediri, Jawa Timur, IndonesiaNationality : IndonesiaPolitical Party : PDI PerjuanganHusband : Ir. Djoko SaptoadjiChild : Fuad Bernardi Tantri Gunarni SaptoadjiAlma mater : Institute Tecnology Sepuluh NopemberReligion : Islam
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