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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TITLE Events leading to the civil war 1859 1850 1852 1852 1854 1857 Johns Brown Raid Johns Brown Raid he decided to try a different approach he provoked an armed uprising of slaves to free themselves. It was an attempt to start and armed slave revolt Uncle Toms Cabin was about the cruelty of slavery. It showed a spirit of compromise because it convinced northerners to oppose slavery Kansas- Nebraska act created the territories of Kansas and nebraska, opening new lands for settlement. It showed a spirit of Conflict because it wasn't an agreement they allowed the white settlers to determine wether if they would allow slavery within each territory Bleeding Kansas was series of violent political confrontations in the US involving anti free states and pro- slavery elements Dreds Scott Decision argued with the supreme court ruled that American of African Descent wether free or slave, were not American citizens and could not sue in federal court. It shows a spirit of compromise because it helped convinced racial abolonists that slavery would never be ended by legal means The compromise of 1850 Kansas- Nebraska Act Uncle Tom;s Cabin Bleeding Kansas Dred Scotts Decision the compromise of 1850 allowed california to enter union as a free stateIt showed a spirit of compromise because Clay persuaded Senator Websterof Massaachusetts for his support 1860 1860 election of 1860 South Carolina Secedes Election of 1860 was when the country was divied along party lines. Lincoln and the republicans took the northern states and far west. The southern democrats took most of the south. It showed a spirit of conflict because it drove a wedge between the north and south
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