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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1969 A connection is made between The University of California Los Angeles and The Stanford Research Institute - Arpanet is born; created by the US Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects (Darpa) 1973 The first virus - Creeper - created 1971 Apple founded. 1978 US National Science Foundation creates a non-military network for American universities 400 Arpanet users receive the first ever spam email inviting them to a product demo 1976 Arpanet users 35 The Elk Cloner virus createdScottt Fahlman,computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University - adds a colon to the first online emoticon :-) 1982 IBM launches the personal computer Arpanet and all network users 1981 Apple IPO - market cap £1.7bn rpanet user Kevin Mackenzie uses the emoticon -) 1980 1979 1986 The US National Science Foundation created a network to link existing university supercomputer networksMicrosoft IPO - market cap $770m 1987 Stoned virus created 1988 1990 The first worm - "Morris" - created "Archie" the first search engine created by a studentArpanet decomissioned 1991 Tim Lee at CERN introduces the World Wide Web 1992 Michelangelo virus created 1993 Mosaic web browser launched 1994 Webcrawler, and Lycos search engines launchedYahoo! founded 1995 Microsoft launches Internet Explorer. Amazon and eBay founded18,957 websites are live 1997 AOL launches instant messenger 1998 Worldwide internet users breaksthe 100m figureGoogle founded double click to change this header text! 1999 Worldwide fears of computer crashes over Y2K or Millennium Bug. Zappos the first online only shop - is launched. Napster founded Happy99 - first email virus created 2000 iloveyou virus - 50 million users report being infected within 10 days 2001 Napster ordered to stop users sharing copyrighted musicWikipedia launches. Apple launches the ipod.CodeRed - the first virus to spread without human interaction 2002 Friendster founded. Gawker founded 2003 Apple launches iTunes and Safari browser. Myspace, Linkedin, Skype and WordPress launched 2004 Google's IPO - market cap £23bn. Facebook, Flickr and Vimeo launch. Mozilla launches Firefox browser 2005 Worldwide internet users breaks the 1 BILLIONReddit and YouTube launchCabir - the first mobile virus created 2006 Twitter launched. Google buys YouTube for $1.65bn 2007 2008 Facebook becomes the world's most popular social networkGoogle launched Chrome. Spotify launched. Apple launched App Store 2010 Apple launches iPad. Instagram and Pinterest launchedStuxnet virus targets industrial processes - and appears to target nuclear operations in Iran 2011 2012 Death of Steve Jobs. Google+ launched. Microsoft buys Skype Apple launches iPhone. Tumblr launched. BBC launches the iPlayer Worldwide internet users breaks 2.4 BILLION 2014 State three credit card companies, American JP Morgan Chase, Apple iCloud, domestic Ctrip, cottage online banking, courier data, such as user data have been leaked 12306 2015/2/8
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