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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 computers worked only on one task at the time(1957), it is called batch procesing at that time the computer were so big and had to be stored on special cooled rooms then appear the option of remote connection to make esear the control of the computers simultaneously the idea of time-sharing came out (the first concept in computer technology in the same year, the fear of a "missil gap" emerge(during cold war) to secuere americas lead in technology, the us founded the DARPA(defence advance research Project agency) DARPA acelerated the knowledge tranfer the DARP became the ARPANET, at the same time three other consepts were to be develope, the concept of military network(RAND), the comecial network( NPL) and the scientific network(CYCADS), this are the four fundamental concepts of the history of internet the approaches of those concepts are the fundation of the modern internet HISTORY OF INTERNET the developing of ARPANET begins in 1966, at that time there was the mainframe that was in charge of only the initialization of programs and data files, and there was the IMP that was the one that had the control of the networks activities for the firts connection between computers there was the NCP(network control protocol later the NCP was peplaced by the TCP (transmission control protocol) in order to avoid congestion on the connection lines the "packet switching" born in 1962 US discovered the existence of long range missils in cuba, at that time the internet has a centralized architecture, in order to prevent a breakdown during the attack US decide to develope a descentralized network architecture all the network get connected forming the inter-networ(internet) some telephone companies start being ISP the TCP assimilated the preference of the OSI reference model gave way to the ip, a standart that garanti the compatibility between network the internet was created, in 1990 the ARPANET hardware was rmove, but the internet was up and roning
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