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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hanna-Barbera Joseph Plateau George Melies Charles Emile Reynaud Winsor McCay Otto Messmer Walt Disney William George Horner Was the first person to demonstrate the illusion of a moving image. He invented the phenakistoscope he createdthis device in 1832. The user would spin the disc & look through the moving slits at the discs reflectionin a mirror. He used cel animation & started making the films in 1915. His most popular series was Felix the Cat. In 1877 he created the praxinoscope & in 1907 createdthe stereo-cinema In 1896 George discovered that he could use stop-motion photography to provide trick visual effects. He wasalso the first to use techniques like fadein/out & dissolve. He made films from 1896 to1913. His first animated cartoon Little Nemo had four thousand individual drawings finishing it in 1911. His biggest cartoon success was Gertie the Dinosaur with ten thousand individual drawings finishing it in 1913. Worked in American television for almost four decades.William Hanna & Joseph Barbera started animations in 1957, they used limited animation technique. He used cel animation & started creating animations in 1923. He is one of the best known animators around the world. Invented the Zoetrope in 1829 *resources HISTORY OF ANIMATION By Kayla Glover Pixar Aardman Pixar has produced fourteen feature films beginning with Toy Story in 1995 & the latest release Cars 2 in 2011. Known for their films using stop-motion clay animation techniques. They startedanimation in 1972, but started creatingcomputer animated short films in the late1990's starting with 'Owzat' & then entered a computer animation market with 'Flushed Away' in 2006.
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