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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 World War I ImperialismNationalism Militarism Alliances Triple Alliance Triple Entente Germany Austria-Hungary Italy Britain France Russia Central Powers Allied Powers Ottoman Empire Bulgaria Japan Italy Russia Vittorio OrlandoWas part of theBig Four Treaty of Brest-Litovskended the war betweenRussia and Germany France Britain USA Germany Austria-Hungary Kaiser Wilhelm II became ruler of Germany in 1888 The Balkans was considered the "Powder Keg" of Europe -Schlieffen Plan had Germany attackingFrance in the westthen Russia in the East -Marne was Germany vsFrance. BothSides used Trench War-fare. -Somme was Germany vsGreat Britain.Both sides usedTrench warfare -in a battle nearTannenberg, Germanskilled 30,000 Russians -Georges Clemenceau was part of the Big Four -David LloydGeorge was partof the Big Four -Woodrow Wilsonwas part of the Big Four -Zimmerman note said Germanywould help Mexicogain back territorythey had lost to theU.S. if they alliedwith Germany -1908, Austria annexedtwo Balkan territorieswith huge Slavicpopulations whichangered leaders fromSerbia causing tension -14 Point Plan wasan outline forlasting peace Total War Every country devoted all of their resources for the war tap and hold to change this title text! 1914 - 1918 Governments started rationing items because they were in such a short supply Trench warfare or fighting from the trenches. Countries used this to help protect themselves. Treaty of Versailles Between Germany and the Allied Powers -Created League of Nations which was an international association whose goal was to maintain peace-Article 231 "War Guilt" clause blamed the whole war on Germany Gallipoli Campaign The effort to take the Dardanelles straight -Lusitania, a British passengership, carrying U.S.citizens, was attacked by Germany Nadine GonzalezPeriod 6
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