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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Revolutionary Era Info Graphic Common Sense is a pamphletwritten by Thomas PaineThat inspired people in the thirteen coloniesto declare and fight forindependence from Great Britain in the summer of 1776 The Declaration of Independence wassigned on July 4, 1776by the Congressionalrepresentatives of The 13 colonies. This document was signed by 56 delegates to the continental congress.It stated the reasons why the 13 colonies wanted to be free. By: Joey Fausel The Battle of Yorktownwas the last major battleof the war. The Word got back to England and theygave up the fight. Cornwallis and his 8,000British soldiers were forced to surrender inOctober 1781. The Continental Army arrived at Valley Forgeon December 19, 1777The reason that Washington choseValley Forge for the Winter was because he felt that the site would easily be defended from surprise attack. This marked a turning point in the war. The victory at Saratoga helped Ben Franklinpersuade the French governmentto supply military assistance to theAmericans.The British were defeated in 1777by American General Horatio Gates. Source: 1763-1775 1775 1776 1776 1783 1781 1777-1778 This was made up of two battles that began on April 18th, 1775British Troops were sent to capture John Hancock and Samuel Adams British had lost 273 soldiersand the colonist lost 94.This is the Battle that began the American Revolution. 1777 The British had gained victory in the French and Indian Wars which had lasted for 75 years, the final conflict was the French Indian War from 1754 to 1763All of the 13 American colonies became united by the establishmentof the Committees of Correspondence that communicated the dangers of 'taxation without representation' to all Americans
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